Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting Kicked out of Home - 'I Got a Notice to Pay or Quit'

A notice to pay or quit posted to your door is a sure sign you're getting kicked out of home. It is not a welcoming sight. You do want to explore all options available to you to stop from being evicted. We'll look at a few common and not-so-common ways to help households who need to get money for rent.

'Can I be evicted?'

Yes, it's possible to be evicted -- even in the cold and even with children -- but talk to your landlord before jumping to conclusions. Taking the legal route with a notice to pay or quit is expensive for your landlord.

If you explain the situation to your landlord, he or she may be accommodating.

The landlord may be willing to help you break up the past due into installments over the next few months if you can provide a good faith payment and continue to pay.

Being upfront is the best solution, and their willingness to help does depend on a lot of factors -- the landlord, your payment history, and current financial affairs.

If your landlord will allow you to stay, you need to get money for rent. There are few options to get financial assistance.

Options include talking to your family and friends and explaining you are getting kicked out of home.

Your family may be willing to provide a little financial help to keep you afloat. They made do this, as well, because they may not want to see you move back in! (That could be a selling point for you if they are unwilling to provide any assistance.)

A good buddy may be willing to provide help in a pinch, and a good relationship with your family can help you get through tough times -- personally and financially.

'Help! I need cash now!'

There are numerous ways how to get money for rent, but emergency cash usually doesn't happen overnight.

Let's look at a few ways to get money to stop a notice of pay or quit.

A part-time job at a temp agency may be needed to get your rent paid.

It's also possible that you could sell items -- like that collection of DVDs and CDs collecting dust -- on Craigslist. Or that signed Brad Pitt poster on eBay. Etsy, also, is an option if you are crafty.

A local pawn broker can get you fast money, but it's not a good idea because you'll lose a lot of value selling it that way.

Although a plasma donation won't provide enough rent money, it will provide a little more to add to the kitty.

Also, take old clothing to a consignment shop.

Charities that help with rent

You may be able to get financial assistance from church if you are in good standing there, with years of attendance and patronage. The hardest part will be asking for help.

Although you may find it embarrassing, don't worry about it. You'll strengthen your bond to your congregation, and they'll be willing to help in crisis situation.

Remember, churches exist to help those in need -- whether spiritual or financial -- and this is a point to keep in mind for those people who are not church-goers.

Another option is Catholic Charities USA, which is nationwide, and The Salvation Army, which offers emergency shelter.

Other ways to get money for rent

A community action center and/or a public assistance office may know if a housing assistance program is available in your area.

They may also know if there are other organization in your community that will help pay your rent.

I hope these ideas about a notice to pay or quit help you from getting kicked out of home.

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